Video - Adventures of my children at 평양 아동 (Pyongyang Children's Supermartket)

I just want to documented my children's experience in North Korea. Actually we have a lot of their videos playing inside this supermarket. And this is one of them. 

In North Korea, there are many supermarket with the playground inside, Pyongyang Adong Paekhwajom is intended supermarket for children, it has three floors, and all the floor has a playground, in this video we try the playground at 1st and 3rd floor. There are also many children toys, clothes, books, and all children stuffs sold in this supermarket with the cheap price. We foreigner can buy those stuffs too, the price are no different except the price for entering the play area, for foreigner every child has to pay 2000 korean won, while local children only pay for 300 korean won.

In North Korea there are also many public areas with sport centers and playgrounds installed outdoors, but in this cold weather, we choose an indoor playground.
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